time (haibun)

I wake you up, don’t I? That’s what you accuse me of.


splatters egg

on floor

No, I don’t need an introduction. I put all on you. You accuse me for everything that can’t be held by you. Buds, flowers, fruits, seeds, humus, plants– cyclic, isn’t it? And you claim me for it.  You can’t understand yourself and are out to know me, me?


river reflects

million years

You count, I see whether you reach up to me or not. Ever thought that I can be sitting eternally by your side? Ever thought that I’m a reflection, yes, reflection of everything seen and felt by you? No. For you, your life is real. But remember, I’m the elusive driver, driving your mind.




I return because I’ve never been away. Don’t blame you. You can’t see me as I’m. In parts you see, in parts you believe and in parts you differentiate. But, I’m all as one: no past, no present, no future. I’m as I’m, always: Time.

Note: A Haibun written as monologue in response to Linty’s prompt: Speak to me