An Introduction: To Me & My Blogging Goals

Who am I?


flickers candle

amid wind

I am the queen and reigning deity of my life. Ever watchful, yet impulsive. I am married to a very sweet and kind man, who stands for a big part of my identity. A chunk of my time is devoted to family, elders, reading and writing.

A dreamer, whose dreams never cease to disturb daily life. Right from my childhood, I am addicted to imagination. As a child, I searched a flying monkey with fiery eyes in night sky, imagined hordes of pigeons talking-discussing their daily lives with me, imagined mighty parrots snatching my biscuits and many more. I grew up in a remote place of eastern India, located in Jharkhand. Green trees, bushes, deer, tigers, snakes, peacocks were all at door step. As a child, I loved Mogli and his story influenced my childhood. Playing outdoors irrespective of seasons was my favourite task. I loved the way, we shouted, fought, cursed each other while playing games.

I wanted to be a scientist; physics and mathematics were my forte but, ended up with economics in college then an affair with languages followed by literature started. I am still very much interested in latest discoveries and keep checking them from time to time. My long term goal is to be a published speculative fiction writer while my short term goal is to read and learn from most of earlier works by various writers.

Why am I here?

rain drops

cuts through rocks

a river

Blogging is something that makes me more cautious towards my existing goals. It inspires me to be more disciplined and provides an opportunity to learn many new concepts/things from fellow bloggers. I love learning and consider myself a life long learner, I see blogging as a tool that aids me in this zeal. I maintain a personal journal too along with my blogs. The main difference between two in my opinion is β€œsharing”. There are tales and information that one would like to share in order to create a mutual environment for learning. While there are some information which are too personal to be shared on any public platform, those are for personal journal. I enjoy both blogging and maintaining a personal journal, both have different purposes and are good in their respective jobs. I basically, like to share information through my blog that I find during my personal readings. Apart from this, there are some creative junks excreted while performing writing exercises which I like to collect in my blog.

I appreciate learning as I already mentioned so, I wish to see a better learned person out of myself in course of blogging by coming years and I wish same for my fellow ambitious readers-writers.


Note: Written for Zero to Hero Challenge 101

31 thoughts on “An Introduction: To Me & My Blogging Goals

  1. I love this, mou. So nice to learn more about you and hearing of your childhood. You have a sensitive, poetic soul. I think WP is going to be a great outlet for you. I had to forget apps and just go online to wordpress to see this.

      1. Yes…I know someone working on a book..a tip is to put aside a certain amount of time each day to do nothing but write..even if it’s a little time and it takes years to finish it

  2. equinoxio21

    Wice Nay to Kumble on your Meyboard! I Cill Wome Back. πŸ™‚ Feel free to visit Equinoxio. You might find some writing to your KiLing.
    Take care
    Brian (Or is it Brieuc or Bruno? I probably have MPD)

  3. Hi Mou!

    I could sense a bit of magical realism in your if Gabriel Garcia Marquez has left you behind to fill his void..
    I had never heard a more resplendent depiction of Aravallies before… ohh lovely!
    Thanx a ton for finding me, n fr d follow too.
    Cheers to your blogging journey!

  4. equinoxio21

    Hi Mou. Thanks very much for following Equinoxio. πŸ™‚ You live in Kolkata? my grandmother was born in Jowra. My great grand parents were married in Benares… My sister and I in Karachi. πŸ™‚
    Like your blog. Will definitely come back.
    Take care

    1. Thanks, I’m a person living on no man’s land now lol joke. My father’s house is in Kolkata but, I was born and raised by my aunts in Jharkhand. My husband and I keep changing places owing to his profession so, we’ve not yet chosen our particular place of residence in India. Thanks for your visit, I’d soon visit your blog. Take Care and Best Wishes πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Mou, IMagination is always a fantastic channel to flow through, You writings are very much appealing, accidentally I get to see your site(am very new to this blogging)….and am glad I get to see through!!!!!!!!!

  6. sadaatmahmood

    “A dreamer, whose dreams never cease to disturb daily life.”
    As they should.
    I am very glad to have come across this. Delightful blog πŸ™‚

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