Yes, I Exist!

After a long time, I am feeling my existence. Was I living? Yes. Was it a life? No. A life to me is not mere living. Even a virus lives in a way or another. To me, a life is a life when one can unfurl ones real self without any inhibitions. So yes, I left behind many masks, including one of fear behind me. Happy to get back myself, my life.
Though I accept that I won’t be doing much of blogging, I will be there with my writings at other platforms which I would keep updating on this blog. Thanks for reading.

Monsoon 2014

Monsoon clouds hanging over without rain in Jharkhand. Photo by Mou Mishra
Monsoon clouds devoid of rain in Jharkhand. Photo by Mou Mishra

Crying out the earth for a drop that is hanging over its mouth, alluring but, not falling over it. Intrigued? Well this year is not a good year at least from the point of views of millions of farmers and a billion dependent on them for their food supply in India. National cumulative average of rainfall for the month of June is 42% deficient making it as one of twelve rare instances in past 113 years when national cumulative average for rainfall has gone deficit by more than 30% for the month of June in India. Situation is worse in arid states like Rajasthan and Gujarat where average rainfall for the month of June is deficit by more than 80%. The only relief that one can expect right now is the forecast that predicts revival of rain after 5th July but, till then it seems to be all clouds shooting fire instead of rain.

Liebster Award


Summer is high^high^high here and amid so much heat there is no stop to sharing and blogging. A few days ago, I was nominated for Liebster award by Malaika. Thank you very much Malaika for nominating me to the Liebster award. Your spiritual blog spreads messages in a very unique and creative way, I like your videos, instructions and opinions on yoga.

Here are a few rules to participate in it:

1. Thank the nominating blogger.

2. Answer the question(s) that he/she asks.

3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers, preferably with less than 500 followers.

4. Ask question(s) to these bloggers.

5. Let the bloggers know that they got nominated.

My reply to Malaika’s question, at the end of your life, what would you like others to know about you? how would you like to be remembered?

Well, to be honest I don’t want to be known or remembered and I’m indifferent to the way others would like to remember me because I don’t want anyone lingered on a personality that no more exists.

Now, my questions to the bloggers whom I’m going to nominate:

1. Are you a tea or coffee person?

2. Who’s a better companion: a cat or a dog?

3. Which one you like more: Ice Lolly or Ice Cream?

4. What is your favourite season?

5. Who is your favourite author?

6. Which is the creepiest insect that you’ve encountered?

7. Which one you like more: a flowering or a non-flowering plant?

8. Which is more convenient to you: typing or writing?

9. Which one would you prefer: beach or mountains?

10. What would you prefer on your vacation: rainfall or snowfall?

11. In your opinion, what is the greatest wealth in this world and why?

Although my blog is 4 months old, I shifted to Word Press on 31st March 2014 from blogspot. My list is short but, my nominees are fabulous, here we go:

1. Jillian @

2. Alaknanda Mookherjee @

3. Timitude @

4. Linty @

5. Vikas Reddy @

6. Kuheli @


Over A Chat

a cat-
drools dog
in mid-day

“Today, I bought a gown worth Rs. 20,000”
“Isn’t it cheap for a designer gown?”
A grin. “I bought a matching necklace worth Rs. 5,00,000 too.”
A frown. “That’s great.”
A laugh. “Yes, I’m the Barbie.”

A petite, gracile lady dressed in white top and black high waisted pencil skirt enters.
Gazes; Grim; Scowls.

“No dressing sense, simply trash.”
“I agree.”

Confidence is NOT
    what you say
       what you want to believe
          what others believe;
             it IS
                your comfort
                   your trust
                      your bliss, in yourself.


Note: Written for IBQ weekly writing prompt

Dear Dream Reader

Dear Dream Reader,

You’re a reader in need, reader indeed. Everybody likes to read and appreciate a good piece of writing but, a true reader is one who can continue reading till the last word without interruption irrespective of the quality of work. You understand the effort behind worse of worst writing pieces and honour it with your patience and time. Very few are like you, who’re there with a writer of no name and fame. An unconditional reader is as rare as platinum on earth.


The Question

I really had no idea of my dream reader when I initially saw this assignment for day six of blogging 101 but, then I thought and I asked myself several questions before deciding upon the criteria of my dream reader. To me anyone who reads without any expectation is a dream reader.

The Search

A dream reader is one who hunts down a writer from the last of rags and puts him/her on top of the table. With a dream reader, a writer is never anxious of losing readership even with his/her worst work.


Gratitude towards a dream reader is inexpressible because the words like Thanks or Gratitude cannot do justice to the delight that one gets from the readership of a dream reader. Still millions, billions, infinite thanks to the incredible dream reader.


Note: Written for blogging 101 challenge

Second Life

shines sun
on horizon

There is a life that I lead in the presence of physical beings and there is a life that I lead in thoughts in the presence of virtual beings. If asked which one I like more? My answer would be both, I enjoy both. As a child I possessed a diary in which I recorded names and daily activities of pigeons, parrots, rabbits and dogs. I also recorded a few instances from my own life in it like a joyful day in holi, the colour festival. After a long time as an adult, I found that diary in a shelf along with old books of my school. When I started reading that diary then I was taken back to my childhood days. It was a wonderful trip. I remembered the names of pigeons and why I had named them so, I remembered the nuisances and various sad incidences in their lives and how they had affected me at that time. It was like, all of a sudden I was not living in present. That day, I realized that a tale if recorded in any form be it words, films etc. then its lifespan increases. It can be lived more than once. There are/were many beautiful moments that I would like to live again. With this thing in my mind I restarted writing diary. After a certain time of restarting my diary, I realized that by writing diary I was confining a big part of me to only myself. I needed something intermediate that would not put my thoughts into seclusion while preserving mementoes. Blogging seemed to be the nearest possible solution to it.

Typing out the Second Life

rottenecard_6583586_wrnry9gbcbWith blogging my thoughts are free and sensible. Many things that I would not like to say in real life or many things that no one would listen from me in real life can be easily written and shared through blogs. I live here the part of my life that I live in my thoughts and memories. I feel as if my internal life is no more confined to vicinity of my soul and to be honest, the feeling is great. I feel that this phenomenon within me is going live long and I would like to see myself blogging for next many years.


Note: Written for Day Three Zero to Hero Challenge

An Introduction: To Me & My Blogging Goals

Who am I?


flickers candle

amid wind

I am the queen and reigning deity of my life. Ever watchful, yet impulsive. I am married to a very sweet and kind man, who stands for a big part of my identity. A chunk of my time is devoted to family, elders, reading and writing.

A dreamer, whose dreams never cease to disturb daily life. Right from my childhood, I am addicted to imagination. As a child, I searched a flying monkey with fiery eyes in night sky, imagined hordes of pigeons talking-discussing their daily lives with me, imagined mighty parrots snatching my biscuits and many more. I grew up in a remote place of eastern India, located in Jharkhand. Green trees, bushes, deer, tigers, snakes, peacocks were all at door step. As a child, I loved Mogli and his story influenced my childhood. Playing outdoors irrespective of seasons was my favourite task. I loved the way, we shouted, fought, cursed each other while playing games.

I wanted to be a scientist; physics and mathematics were my forte but, ended up with economics in college then an affair with languages followed by literature started. I am still very much interested in latest discoveries and keep checking them from time to time. My long term goal is to be a published speculative fiction writer while my short term goal is to read and learn from most of earlier works by various writers.

Why am I here?

rain drops

cuts through rocks

a river

Blogging is something that makes me more cautious towards my existing goals. It inspires me to be more disciplined and provides an opportunity to learn many new concepts/things from fellow bloggers. I love learning and consider myself a life long learner, I see blogging as a tool that aids me in this zeal. I maintain a personal journal too along with my blogs. The main difference between two in my opinion is “sharing”. There are tales and information that one would like to share in order to create a mutual environment for learning. While there are some information which are too personal to be shared on any public platform, those are for personal journal. I enjoy both blogging and maintaining a personal journal, both have different purposes and are good in their respective jobs. I basically, like to share information through my blog that I find during my personal readings. Apart from this, there are some creative junks excreted while performing writing exercises which I like to collect in my blog.

I appreciate learning as I already mentioned so, I wish to see a better learned person out of myself in course of blogging by coming years and I wish same for my fellow ambitious readers-writers.


Note: Written for Zero to Hero Challenge 101