Second Life

shines sun
on horizon

There is a life that I lead in the presence of physical beings and there is a life that I lead in thoughts in the presence of virtual beings. If asked which one I like more? My answer would be both, I enjoy both. As a child I possessed a diary in which I recorded names and daily activities of pigeons, parrots, rabbits and dogs. I also recorded a few instances from my own life in it like a joyful day in holi, the colour festival. After a long time as an adult, I found that diary in a shelf along with old books of my school. When I started reading that diary then I was taken back to my childhood days. It was a wonderful trip. I remembered the names of pigeons and why I had named them so, I remembered the nuisances and various sad incidences in their lives and how they had affected me at that time. It was like, all of a sudden I was not living in present. That day, I realized that a tale if recorded in any form be it words, films etc. then its lifespan increases. It can be lived more than once. There are/were many beautiful moments that I would like to live again. With this thing in my mind I restarted writing diary. After a certain time of restarting my diary, I realized that by writing diary I was confining a big part of me to only myself. I needed something intermediate that would not put my thoughts into seclusion while preserving mementoes. Blogging seemed to be the nearest possible solution to it.

Typing out the Second Life

rottenecard_6583586_wrnry9gbcbWith blogging my thoughts are free and sensible. Many things that I would not like to say in real life or many things that no one would listen from me in real life can be easily written and shared through blogs. I live here the part of my life that I live in my thoughts and memories. I feel as if my internal life is no more confined to vicinity of my soul and to be honest, the feeling is great. I feel that this phenomenon within me is going live long and I would like to see myself blogging for next many years.


Note: Written for Day Three Zero to Hero Challenge

Empathy: Broadening The World

2.5 pairs of snuggling clothes pegs, close-up. by User:Kalan
Many of us feel bad to see others suffering, a sad picture could pave a way for an ugly day while the opposite of it is also true. We laugh when others laugh even in cases where we may not be knowing the reason behind laugh. Why? Because we can relate with others, when we see someone in any condition, we suddenly start experiencing those situations within us.

Empathy broadens our definition of self

Research has proven that we react the same way to our own problems as we react to the problems of some of our very close people, for example, if a very close friend of a man is in trouble then that person would see the trouble as if it has fallen upon him that is, his reaction would have been similar in case the problem had fallen upon him instead of his very close friend. It is empathy that makes us to associate ourselves with certain ethnicity, nation or world at large. Empathy can make human experiences brighter and richer as an empathetic individual could experience many lives in a single life. Empathy can change the meaning and definition of happiness for individuals.

Are animals empathetic?

Yes, birds and animals can have empathy too, though certain birds and animals are more empathetic than others. Some birds or animals can form long term relations like that found in human society, showing that they too can relate and empathise with each other. The more social birds or animals are, the more empathetic they are.

Can Empathy make world a better place?

If by better we mean common good for more lives then yes, because the more empathetic an individual is, the more broader his/her experiences get, the more definition of self expands, the more one thinks at larger level or for common good.

Some interesting quotes on Empathy

“seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” by Alfred Adler

What is the empathy deficit?” The inability of people to stand in other folks shoes. .. It’s hard to empathize with people who have different values than you” by Barack Obama

writing is a sustained act of empathy.” byAndre Dubois

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” byEdith Wharton

“Empathy is the greatest virtue. From it, all virtues flow. Without it, all virtues are an act.” byEric Zorn