Second Life

shines sun
on horizon

There is a life that I lead in the presence of physical beings and there is a life that I lead in thoughts in the presence of virtual beings. If asked which one I like more? My answer would be both, I enjoy both. As a child I possessed a diary in which I recorded names and daily activities of pigeons, parrots, rabbits and dogs. I also recorded a few instances from my own life in it like a joyful day in holi, the colour festival. After a long time as an adult, I found that diary in a shelf along with old books of my school. When I started reading that diary then I was taken back to my childhood days. It was a wonderful trip. I remembered the names of pigeons and why I had named them so, I remembered the nuisances and various sad incidences in their lives and how they had affected me at that time. It was like, all of a sudden I was not living in present. That day, I realized that a tale if recorded in any form be it words, films etc. then its lifespan increases. It can be lived more than once. There are/were many beautiful moments that I would like to live again. With this thing in my mind I restarted writing diary. After a certain time of restarting my diary, I realized that by writing diary I was confining a big part of me to only myself. I needed something intermediate that would not put my thoughts into seclusion while preserving mementoes. Blogging seemed to be the nearest possible solution to it.

Typing out the Second Life

rottenecard_6583586_wrnry9gbcbWith blogging my thoughts are free and sensible. Many things that I would not like to say in real life or many things that no one would listen from me in real life can be easily written and shared through blogs. I live here the part of my life that I live in my thoughts and memories. I feel as if my internal life is no more confined to vicinity of my soul and to be honest, the feeling is great. I feel that this phenomenon within me is going live long and I would like to see myself blogging for next many years.


Note: Written for Day Three Zero to Hero Challenge


An Introduction: To Me & My Blogging Goals

Who am I?


flickers candle

amid wind

I am the queen and reigning deity of my life. Ever watchful, yet impulsive. I am married to a very sweet and kind man, who stands for a big part of my identity. A chunk of my time is devoted to family, elders, reading and writing.

A dreamer, whose dreams never cease to disturb daily life. Right from my childhood, I am addicted to imagination. As a child, I searched a flying monkey with fiery eyes in night sky, imagined hordes of pigeons talking-discussing their daily lives with me, imagined mighty parrots snatching my biscuits and many more. I grew up in a remote place of eastern India, located in Jharkhand. Green trees, bushes, deer, tigers, snakes, peacocks were all at door step. As a child, I loved Mogli and his story influenced my childhood. Playing outdoors irrespective of seasons was my favourite task. I loved the way, we shouted, fought, cursed each other while playing games.

I wanted to be a scientist; physics and mathematics were my forte but, ended up with economics in college then an affair with languages followed by literature started. I am still very much interested in latest discoveries and keep checking them from time to time. My long term goal is to be a published speculative fiction writer while my short term goal is to read and learn from most of earlier works by various writers.

Why am I here?

rain drops

cuts through rocks

a river

Blogging is something that makes me more cautious towards my existing goals. It inspires me to be more disciplined and provides an opportunity to learn many new concepts/things from fellow bloggers. I love learning and consider myself a life long learner, I see blogging as a tool that aids me in this zeal. I maintain a personal journal too along with my blogs. The main difference between two in my opinion is “sharing”. There are tales and information that one would like to share in order to create a mutual environment for learning. While there are some information which are too personal to be shared on any public platform, those are for personal journal. I enjoy both blogging and maintaining a personal journal, both have different purposes and are good in their respective jobs. I basically, like to share information through my blog that I find during my personal readings. Apart from this, there are some creative junks excreted while performing writing exercises which I like to collect in my blog.

I appreciate learning as I already mentioned so, I wish to see a better learned person out of myself in course of blogging by coming years and I wish same for my fellow ambitious readers-writers.


Note: Written for Zero to Hero Challenge 101


on river bed
eons flicker

Green trees run parallel to viridescent water, dancing birds form vibrant shapes in blue sky, with sweat droplets over face comes Junga, the mystery boy. He puts his straw bunch near the babbling brook and lies down when the sun is neither overhead nor in horizon. It is said that Junga’s virgin mother didn’t know for nine months that she had conceived Junga, till the day he was born. Everyday, Junga comes near the brook for solitude, silence and security.

IMG_20140412_185914While on ground, he fixes his eyes on the stream, he senses every movement of insects, he feels vibrations lighter than air, subtler than water. His sensations vanish gradually from all over body till they reach the tip of his right index finger, that is where he limits all his senselessness. Like a dead hungry crocodile, rekindling, he snaps out of air, his finger like a laser blade pierces through the heart of a fish swimming in the brook.

Swinging Amid Mights

Life goes on, as meant to be driven by forces known-unknown to our illusionary senses. We think of might and we think of might! A might we respect and a might we suspect, we swing in between these two. My strategy in life has always been to co-operate with the power to create a system that is more powerful rather than going against to weaken it, although it might have appeared as the later. I’m like an anonymous ant, working hard over whatever I have got, I might have appeared to fight against the gravity of this world but, in the end I live with the might of this world.

The system that runs our Universe, has maintained harmony at very nook and corners of it. It is too vast, it is too broad, it may create occasional mights but, nothing is above its might that sustains itself. For a moment, we can conceive ourselves pitting against a system but, the fact is that being a part of system we ourselves are a system so, a self fighting self would destroy the self. It would be just like any of our organ fighting against our brain in order to defeat it but, who would be the ultimate loser? Our body or in other words, the whole system.

Fighting is not a solution but, co-operating is definitely a key. Fighting may give us a victory for short-term but, in long term only co-operation would work. Now, the question arises, what if the system itself is bad? To this I would say, a system in its wholeness can neither be good nor bad, certain aspects or organs of it may not be working properly or even harming it, to these we need to co-operate in order to sort them out instead of fighting or creating chaos which could prove destructive for the whole system.

Note: Inspired by the daily prompt

Osteoarthritis: The Deadly Disabler

Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of disability among adults over 60 years of age. It is the loss of cartilage over joints which are required for lubrication and protection of joints. It affects worst the weight bearing joints like knee, hip etc. Generally, the degenerative impact of osteoarthritis starts from early 40’s but, in most cases it remains asymptotic till a big harm is done. Once cartilage is lost then only a few treatment options remain available like joint replacement surgeries, corticosteroid injections and food supplements. Although very common and extremely disabling, it is not carved in stone for every adult, in other words there are certain lifestyle changes that can prevent it or delay its disabling impacts over our bodies.

 Osteorthritis (OA) location on the skeleton anterior by Milorad Dimic MD

Osteorthritis (OA) location on the skeleton anterior by Milorad Dimic MD

Weight Control

Most of us, especially the city dwellers are accustomed to a very comfortable and sedentary lifestyle which is costing us in other ways in terms of our health. We are gaining more weight than it is good for our bodies. It has been proven that a force equivalent up to 6 times of our body weight is exerted on our knee joints and a force equivalent up to 3 times of our body weight is exerted upon our hip joints. That means even a small reduction in our body weight can relieve our joints from a big stress.

Proper Diet

Care should be taken in maintaining balance and presence of essential nutrients required by our bodies in daily diet. In countries like India, carbohydrate constitutes a large part of diet which should be carefully reduced by replacing a big part of it with proteins and vegetables. Food rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D should be included in regular diet. Certain bioflavanoids like quercetin, anthocyanidins are known for anti-inflammatory properties, some good and common sources of quertcin include onion, broccoli, green tea, apples, black currants. Apart from these, certain spices like turmeric and ginger are also known their anti-inflammatory works and their inclusion in diet can be helpful.

Proper Exercises

Proper physical exercises with a good combination of both cardio and strength exercises is very helpful in maintaining a fit body. Mild to moderate physical activity for a minimum of 3 days per week is extremely crucial for maintaining ones fitness level. Strength exercises like wall slides can be performed even in the convenience of homes. Care should be taken to prevent over-doing exercises as that can be stressful and harmful for joints. Exercises are good but, over doing them can be dangerous.

Treat and Prevent Joint Injuries

If one gets any accidental joint injury then one should immediately under go treatment for it as poor alignment of joints can worsen osteoarthritis. Also try to avoid postures and activities that put constant stress on joints to prevent any future injury.

These are a few lifestyle changes that can remarkably influence the onset and effects of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis even in its asymptotic phase should be taken seriously and proper lifestyle changes should be brought in before it gets too late.

A few words on Sanskrit Drama

Drama holds an important position in Sanskrit literature. There have been many Sanskrit dramatists whose works are a great source to peep into cultural past of India. Some dramas like Mudrarakshasa by Vishakhadutta can help in understanding of history too, though for most part they are considered to be fictional.

Origin of Sanskrit dramas can be traced to Mahabhasya by Patanjali which is a treatise on grammar written around 140 BCE. The most interesting feature of Sanskrit dramas are usage of stock characters. Some of the notable dramas were a result of influence from earlier epics like Abhijinasakuntalam by Kalidasa was inspired from an earlier story found in Mahabharata which later on influenced Goethe’s Faust, Mahavircharita and Uttar Ramcharita by Bhavabhuti were inspired from the epic Ramayana.

Notable Sanskrit Plays and Playwrights

Although more than a millennium old, Sanskrit plays and their influence on Indian literature can be seen till this day. Very little is known about various Sanskrit dramatists’ personal lives, though their works are still highly revered. One of the best known Sankrit dramatists of all ages is Kalidasa. Kalidasa’s works were highly influenced from already existing religious works, some of his notable plays include Abhijinasakuntalam, Vikramorvasiyam and Malvikagnimitram. Other than plays, Kalidasa wrote some very popular epics like Rahuvansa, Kumarsambhava, Ritusamhara and Meghduta. Bhavabhuti was a dramatist who is known for his plays titled: Malati-Madhava, Mahavircharita and Uttar Ramcharita. Emperor Harsha wrote some popular plays like Ratnavali, Priyadarsika and Nagananda. Other important Sanskrit dramatists include Bhasa, Sudraka and Asvaghosa.

More on Sanskrit Dramas in my blog

In coming days, I would like to write more specifically on Sanskrit dramas, one at a time. My blog would feature Sanskrit dramas, both notable and non-notable ones. Apart from this, I would also write about folk tales and legends reflecting culture and heritage of South Asia under the category of Literature. Keep checking for updates!!!


Explaining Missing Gravity at Hudson Bay

In 1960, when for the first time earth’s global gravity was charted then it was noted that certain regions of earth have lower gravity than others. Regions of Canada, particularly Hudson Bay area have remarkably low gravity compared to other parts of the world. Initially, it appeared to be a mystery but, now there are more than one explanation for the presence of low gravity in that region.

Hudson Bay with Canadian bordering states. by Rishabh Tatiraju

Hudson Bay with Canadian bordering states. by Rishabh Tatiraju


How is gravity created?

Gravity is directly promotional to mass of a body so, in other words mass creates gravity. The shape of earth is not even, it bulges out near equator and gets flatter near poles. Regions of earth with lower masses have lower gravity compared to regions having higher masses. So, do the Hudson Bay area have lower land mass compared to other parts of Earth? Yes, but why? In case of Hudson Bay area, it could be explained by two factors, which are explained below:

Convection in Earth’s mantle

The mantle of earth consists of molten rocks known as magma, magma is in constant movement creating convection currents. These convection currents pull the continental land masses toward them and there by decreases the land mass of the area that is getting pulled. Convection currents are not always same at an area and keep on shifting from place to place bringing on various geographical changes too along with its movements.

Rebound effect of ice sheet

The maximum extent of glacial ice in the north polar area during Pleistocene time. {{PD-USGov-Interior-USGS}}

The maximum extent of glacial ice in the north polar area during Pleistocene time. {{PD-USGov-Interior-USGS}}

Around two miles thick ice sheet known as Laurentide Ice Sheet existed in the area which is now Hudson Bay area. This ice sheet was extremely heavy and had weighed down the area of earth where it existed. It started melting due to rising temperature of earth and disappeared completely around 10,000 years ago but, had left an indentation in that area. The indentation has pushed land masses towards the sides and created a low land mass in the central area which has resulted in lower than usual gravity in this area.


Night View

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

~Suggested by Krista in Daily Prompt

What we see is not only the sight we see but, also the time frame through which we see. Right now, it is night over here, some cloud flakes are floating in sky but, not enough to hide the moon and its light. I take my eyes just at the back of my home, I can see green grasses which are appearing grey under moonlight, a lime painted one storey house, a few men discussing politics there in their gangster like voices. By the side of lime painted house, there is another house with garden. I can see Banana and Guava trees, in spite of this being a night time, partly because I am aware of their existence at that location and partly because of shadowy shapes formed by the night light. We are having a nice breeze here, leaves are moving, beyond trees stands a big pyramidal Kali temple with a flag on its sikhar or top.

At the back of temple, there is a Hindu crematorium. The crematorium is silent right now but, during day time fuming dead bodies are not rare to see. There is a Banyan tree in the crematorium, some people worship that tree, many folk legends of spirits are connected with Banyan trees and its presence in crematorium could be quite scary in cases where one is a believer but, since I am an agnostic tending more towards atheism so, these things are not scary to me. If I move my vision slightly leftwards from crematorium then I can see an old well partially covered with wild bushes. There was a time when jackals used to howl there and kids would shudder during nights in homes but, these days one cannot listen howling jackals.

Now, I take my vision towards right side, I can see a few cascading asbestos roof tops put on pillars in hut-style, that is the market place which is crowded and quite noisy during the day time. Beyond the market place, further right, main street runs. On the other side of main street, there are rows of small buildings with square shaped doors. On ground floor of those buildings, there are several general stores while on the top of those buildings people reside. Some of the balconies of those buildings are poor imitation of Mughal style balcony, obviously created with cement and mortar. A few shrubs can be seen arising from the walls, layers of algae and washed out paints are also common sight.

After an interval of every few minutes, cars and motor cycles are running, although they make a queue and create nasty interferences during day time. Night sight is full of lull and sounds of infrequent vehicles are quite interesting. Sometimes, when in room, I try to guess the type of vehicle that passes through the main street only by listening to their sounds. All right, I descend to my room as cats are always roaming here during night times, those cats are not pet cat and are known for notorious attacks.

Bunny and Bunny!!!

Bunny and Bunny are two best friends, Bunny is my neighbour who has a pet rabbit by the same name. The little boy owes a lot to his pet. There is a story behind why Bunny and Bunny are together.

A few months ago, when Bunny lost his first milk tooth then he was terrified. A tooth in his hand with gums oozing blood gave him a big shock, he thought that he would soon lose all his teeth like grandpa. He was in tears, Daddy told him a tale. On moon, there lives a Bunny who crawl down to earth through clouds every night. Daddy showed him a distant place on a ground, the horizon, where sky meets earth, that is the place from where Bunny gets down on earth. Bunny takes care of every child, he would check whether every kid is smiling or not. If a kid smiles and Bunny notices a missing tooth then Bunny endows his own tooth to the kid. What more? Bunny is a kid’s best friend, always asking kids to smile and play games with him, he can’t bear tears of a child. If a kid gets sad then Bunny goes down into the earth through a tunnel made by him called burrow. Daddy asked him to smile so that Bunny could see Bunny’s missing tooth and endow him a new one. Bunny smiled, next morning he could feel hardening on his gums, he checked in mirror, there was something white, his tooth was coming back, Bunny gave him his own tooth. Bunny was excited, that night before sleeping, he wrote a letter to Bunny, thanking him for the tooth and telling him his story of despair in detail but, Bunny didn’t know the address of Bunny from moon so, he wrapped up the letter in a stone and threw it towards moon. Hilariously, the letter fell upon my terrace, I read everything. Next day, I talked to his father and we decided to gift him a Bunny from moon on his birthday.

A portrait of a dwarf rabbit named Butterscotch by Grace Castellano

A portrait of a dwarf rabbit named Butterscotch by Grace Castellano

Every morning, when I go upstairs in my terrace then I could see Bunny playing with Bunny in their verandah. Freshly giggles and robust runs of Bunnies brighten my each day. I still look at that stone and think, technology can give kids the alternatives of entertainment in the form of cartoons, video games etc. But, it cannot replace the special bond that a child shares with mother nature. Deep within we still love and crave for a bonding from nature. Our lifestyles may try to alienate us from our origin in nature but, our hearts can never accept this separation and it would get an excuse or another to bring nature by the side of it through tales, dreams or even in the name of cause, we will always search and find excuses to return to our abode in nature because from deep within ourselves, we know what we really are!