Monsoon 2014

Monsoon clouds hanging over without rain in Jharkhand. Photo by Mou Mishra
Monsoon clouds devoid of rain in Jharkhand. Photo by Mou Mishra

Crying out the earth for a drop that is hanging over its mouth, alluring but, not falling over it. Intrigued? Well this year is not a good year at least from the point of views of millions of farmers and a billion dependent on them for their food supply in India. National cumulative average of rainfall for the month of June is 42% deficient making it as one of twelve rare instances in past 113 years when national cumulative average for rainfall has gone deficit by more than 30% for the month of June in India. Situation is worse in arid states like Rajasthan and Gujarat where average rainfall for the month of June is deficit by more than 80%. The only relief that one can expect right now is the forecast that predicts revival of rain after 5th July but, till then it seems to be all clouds shooting fire instead of rain.

12 thoughts on “Monsoon 2014

    1. World weather trend is difficult to understand. We can’t blame everything to global warming as through out history we had both droughts and floods of equal severity. 😦

    1. It is not only delayed but, deficient too. Scary? Yes, indeed. But, each year a lot of food grains are wasted because of surplus too. Hope this year, they can use food grains from previous years. Chief problem would be livelihood of farmers who generally have no savings or access to their previous years’ produce, they are going to be worst hit. Already, there are many farmer suicide cases in India. Poor monsoon rainfall could cause more farmer suicides 😦

  1. dont say that you love to read as it is already visible from your posts that you read quite much non fiction.. actuLLY i appreciate when girls talk of real issues rather than poems and dreamsn.. Thumbs up

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