Remembering Future?

Ever wondered that we can remember past but, are unable to do so for future. Why we perceive the time’s arrow moving only in one direction that is from past to future and not the other way round? The answer to this could be explained by entropy of a closed system. But, before we get into into the answer, we should know a little about notions of time. According to Stephen Hawking, there are three notions or arrows of time: psychological (that we perceive through brain), entropic (movement in nature from order to disorder) and cosmological (it moves forward or backward depending upon the inflationary or deflationary state of the universe). Psychological and entropic arrows of time could be considered same and here we are discussing the reason that forbids us from remembering future in the context of psychological and entropic notions of time.

In a closed system, changes take place in a direction that increases entropy. Now, what is entropy? In simple language, we can say that entropy is the degree of unpredictability of a system. In case of Universe, we are on a constant move that is increasing the entropy or disorganisation within it. It is the reason behind the flow of heat from a hot to cold object but, not vice versa. Our memory is created by the particular fashion in which neurons orient themselves within our brain, energy is required to create this orientation which in turn heats up our bodies, thus increasing the entropy. So, the reason behind our perception of uni-directional psychological notion of time is that it creates increase in entropy.

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52 thoughts on “Remembering Future?

    1. Yes, we cannot recall future the way we can recall past. We have memory only for past and not for future because memory formation for past leads to increase in entropy.

      1. Actually theoretically it is possible in physics. But, we don’t see future because that would decrease the entropy of our system making it more predictable, something which is not possible because a closed or isolated system moves from order/predictability to disorder/unpredictability.

      2. According to this we should not be able to see future, however we can map the exact path of ‘say’ a asteroid, in that sense we are actually seeing future, or this theory is hard to understand.

      3. In case of asteroids, we take the help of calculations to predict while memories of past are not based on calculations or say any external help. What it says is that we perceive time psychologically as something that moves from past to future and not the other way round.

  1. If there is no set path for the future how could it even be predicted? Could be many paths the asteroid or a life, could branch off to-at the same time as in parallel universes.

    It is interesting the idea of everything happening at once
    Doesn’t our observation of something change the outcome anyway?

    In truth the past and future are nothing but tiny thought bubbles arising and disappearing in the vastness of Now..the emptiness of who you really are..not solid, not fixed..nothing..

    Excellent post, mou

  2. What is interesting, at least to my crazy mind at least, is that the physicists studying this have already established that nothing is solid. Everything, including us, is nothing but different densities of vibrations.

    So, when they talk about various theories, who are they talking about? The illusion that we actually are in time and space? That there is an actual future and past? The scientists who deeply see the nature of reality/time, etc turn “mystical”, like Einstein.

    They admit that none of this is what they thought. They turn into a big ‘don’t know..” Science is slowly catching up to, and seeing what the mystics saw centuries ago.

    1. Actually, centuries ago when questions upon universe and life were raised then they got answered through philosophy. Those questions are still unresolved and now we have science to answer them. In short, questions remained same but, the approach to answers changed.

      1. And you yourself can see what what they are discovering..don’t need scientists to confirm what is already true..and very knowable ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. As an atheist, I don’t see them to be at confluence especially where reasoning and answers are concerned, there is a huge gap between the two. For a while, look at questions asked in religious/philosophical texts and look at questions in front of science today. The questions are same but, not the answers, neither the ways through which answers are approached.

      3. The only way I can say it is: scientists are on the right course to discover scientifically the mysteries if the universe. It’s fascinating! It’s also not necessary to have proof like this. It won’t be found that way. At least the fullness won’t be felt that way. Only by going inside will the mystery be felt ..that’s why I say science is limited..they can discover “god” on paper but we can discover it as something alive ..within us

      4. How could you be sure that science can’t find it in its own way? Do you mean to say that we need to meditate on ourselves to know about mysteries of universe?

      5. Oh, I am sure science can find a way, but I highly doubt it will be to bring harmony or answers that will help this sinking ship. Science is necessary. The advancements in the quality of life it has brought about is immeasurable.

        But yet, this earth is still being ravaged.

        And the second part, yes. Meditate upon yourself to know the mysteries. You are the universe. To use science “against” itself this body your body everything is not solid. Various condensed forms of energy. That is science. They discovered the past century would buddha stated centuries ago. So, if we are the same as everything else, we are nothing, then why would answers be out there?

        This is what I meant about science only now confirming what those who go inside already know. Again, this is impossible to explain. Knowing can only be known, experienced.

      6. Hope you don’t mind but I deleted my liebster award blog. Since I didn’t go through it properly I figured to delete it. Sorry! I appreciated the nomination!!

      7. This is the best conversation I’ve had in a long time..not as deep as the one I had recently with a friend on who is the best super hero but

      8. This might be a side topic but if you haven’t check out krishnamurti talking with david bohm. It’s not directly related to this blog but it is a fascinating conversation between “mystic” and a scientist. It’s free on krishnamurti’s website.

      9. Lol. I think I just liked my own post. Didn’t know I did it until I got an email from WP saying “you’re so vain” you just voted on your own post..LOL

      10. Lol. Poe isn’t related to the topic. Just thought to’s my short attention span brain at work again..I’m like the little kid who is supposed to run an errand for his mom but then gets distracted by a butterfly..the follows it until he becomes distracted by something Thank you, mou. Besides enjoying writing this is what I wanted in joining WP.

        And I’m never trying to sway someone over to my way of seeing things..this type of platform invites open minds..or

      11. Those who know, unfortunately are never mentioned in history, and if they are, are misunderstood.

        Not philosophers, they are in their head too much.

      12. What I meant was science is finally catching up to and confirming what a few have already known..I’ll make a post about this. Concerning buddha and Einstein. I hope you like! And will find interesting

      13. No, it is not catching up like that. Science is trying to answer the questions that were raised millenniums ago. There is a similarity of “questions” but, approach to answers vary.

      14. Hmm..we may be on different wavelengths here! Lol. Science is trying to answers the questions that were raised millenniums ago. That is the surface level of the truth I mentioned.

        But not talking about questions that philosophers had answers for–just thoughts. And the science wasn’t there yet. But what I mean by catching up to is statements made by a select few that centuries later science is confirming is true.

        That is true, the approach to answers vary. And I know that science can answer much in their way, but it’s very limited. They are only touching the surface of what had been known by a few throughout time.

        I’ll send you a list of great physicists who write in this…you may like

      15. Sorry Linty my friend, to me all these are myth ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t believe religions ever answered what science is answering now. Some great physicists like to write things related to metaphysics but, that cannot taken as a token of proof. Science needs proof, not words. It is really sad that you think science only touches the surface because we’re advancing beyond our senses through science and one day, if our civilization survives then it is the science that is going to reveal the key to universe.

      16. I agree. Religions never answered what science is answering now. Yay! We are in agreement. Lol. We are in agreement with everything written here, actually.

        Oh, no, that isn’t what I meant about science only touching the surface. I am not anti is a very important part of life, and their approach to the deeper aspects of our existence is and could be a necessary one to help. Agreed. Lol.

        I can’t really explain it, mou. All I am really trying to say(while typing on this annoying iphone keypad) is that approach isn’t needed at all. The proof science needs isn’t words, true.

        Words will never bring one to the truth.

        Hmm..I can’t explain. It’s something that has to be experienced..I say that with all isn’t needed in for this.,nothing they will discover will reveal what is already you, in me. Not in words or thoughts, but in the depths of your being. That’s not religious words but beyond that.

        Hey, I’m enjoying our talk! I hope because we see n experience things differently it doesn’t cause a disruption or bad feelings. I agree with every point here. I just know or see something else here..and i can’t explain it properly..

      17. In the end science may or may not know those answers..more than likely with the scientific approach they won’t..those who really recognize the truth of it, like Einstein, become almost mystics..they come to the beautiful “don’t know” mind…at that point it doesn’t matter to know anything..interesting, but irrelevant

        “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead โ€”his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive formsโ€”this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.”

      18. lol.. I don’t mix both approaches and no one can say what science can or cannot do in future. What was impossible to Bohr, was possible to Heisenberg, science doesn’t stop to a single person, if something was impossible to Einstein, doesn’t mean that it would be impossible for someone else in future.

  3. Hello Mou…
    I found the idea of reversible time just quite odd… Am I really supposed to remember the future, even when It still didn’t arrive.
    I have found in one of your previous comments the following thought by you:
    “we donโ€™t see future because that would decrease the entropy of our system making it more predictable, something which is not possible because a closed or isolated system moves from order/predictability to disorder/unpredictability”.
    Assuming that time experience is ordered and moves forward to chaos: Which would be the arrival state of disorder?.
    I know all these topics are rather complex and I really tend to feel physics don’t answer my question as accurately as Philosophy does.
    Best wishes and thanks for sharing this interesting post,
    Aquileana ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Which would be the arrival state of disorder? Yes, our universe is moving towards disorder/higher entropy which can be observed in our uni-directional experience of time.

  4. thanks for the information! many things still a mystery yet to be solved..I appreciate the great brain Stephen Hawking…like to know more..smiles:))

  5. Well, you’ve answered one of my questions. This concept of entropy is probably the reason we are constantly engaged in war, within and outside us. I keep thinking that peace cannot be achieved on this planet because what we perceive and fight as the factors responsible for the chaos are merely consequences of what’s happening inside us, what we are made of. To find peace, then none of us must exist, which time we will not know peace, being dead.

    Which way I go chaos follows with me; myself I am chaos.

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