Over A Chat

a cat-
drools dog
in mid-day

“Today, I bought a gown worth Rs. 20,000”
“Isn’t it cheap for a designer gown?”
A grin. “I bought a matching necklace worth Rs. 5,00,000 too.”
A frown. “That’s great.”
A laugh. “Yes, I’m the Barbie.”

A petite, gracile lady dressed in white top and black high waisted pencil skirt enters.
Gazes; Grim; Scowls.

“No dressing sense, simply trash.”
“I agree.”

Confidence is NOT
    what you say
       what you want to believe
          what others believe;
             it IS
                your comfort
                   your trust
                      your bliss, in yourself.


Note: Written for IBQ weekly writing prompt

17 thoughts on “Over A Chat

      1. Yes..even better now that I have this app thingie down. I could’ve taken the zero to hero to class after all. Lol. I just realized that I am following myself on here. Maybe I’ll stop in and see what linty is up to..

      2. Cool. Well, I must say, we have good taste in followers. Lol. Lints is a good guy. Speaking of followers, today I got a strange one on twitter. It’s from a dog. The person is writing as if it’s her dog speaking. I attract them lol. Not sure why I followed back

  1. I’ve been here before and promised myself to return and leave a comment. This blog is unique. Like no other that I have yet come across. The posts are great reads.

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