Dear Dream Reader

Dear Dream Reader,

You’re a reader in need, reader indeed. Everybody likes to read and appreciate a good piece of writing but, a true reader is one who can continue reading till the last word without interruption irrespective of the quality of work. You understand the effort behind worse of worst writing pieces and honour it with your patience and time. Very few are like you, who’re there with a writer of no name and fame. An unconditional reader is as rare as platinum on earth.


The Question

I really had no idea of my dream reader when I initially saw this assignment for day six of blogging 101 but, then I thought and I asked myself several questions before deciding upon the criteria of my dream reader. To me anyone who reads without any expectation is a dream reader.

The Search

A dream reader is one who hunts down a writer from the last of rags and puts him/her on top of the table. With a dream reader, a writer is never anxious of losing readership even with his/her worst work.


Gratitude towards a dream reader is inexpressible because the words like Thanks or Gratitude cannot do justice to the delight that one gets from the readership of a dream reader. Still millions, billions, infinite thanks to the incredible dream reader.


Note: Written for blogging 101 challenge

10 thoughts on “Dear Dream Reader

  1. Got cut off. That is the ideal dream reader. And I think those who can read like that actually learns something and can see another’s perspective..

    Enjoy your day!see you on that new place called hearsoup! Lol

      1. It’s funny, mou. I had to read this 3 times before I realized what dream reader was. Lol. I didn’t make the connection that it was the perfect reader. Reader! I thought it was some kind of computer program or some kind of ereader or something. πŸ˜†lol

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