Second Life

shines sun
on horizon

There is a life that I lead in the presence of physical beings and there is a life that I lead in thoughts in the presence of virtual beings. If asked which one I like more? My answer would be both, I enjoy both. As a child I possessed a diary in which I recorded names and daily activities of pigeons, parrots, rabbits and dogs. I also recorded a few instances from my own life in it like a joyful day in holi, the colour festival. After a long time as an adult, I found that diary in a shelf along with old books of my school. When I started reading that diary then I was taken back to my childhood days. It was a wonderful trip. I remembered the names of pigeons and why I had named them so, I remembered the nuisances and various sad incidences in their lives and how they had affected me at that time. It was like, all of a sudden I was not living in present. That day, I realized that a tale if recorded in any form be it words, films etc. then its lifespan increases. It can be lived more than once. There are/were many beautiful moments that I would like to live again. With this thing in my mind I restarted writing diary. After a certain time of restarting my diary, I realized that by writing diary I was confining a big part of me to only myself. I needed something intermediate that would not put my thoughts into seclusion while preserving mementoes. Blogging seemed to be the nearest possible solution to it.

Typing out the Second Life

rottenecard_6583586_wrnry9gbcbWith blogging my thoughts are free and sensible. Many things that I would not like to say in real life or many things that no one would listen from me in real life can be easily written and shared through blogs. I live here the part of my life that I live in my thoughts and memories. I feel as if my internal life is no more confined to vicinity of my soul and to be honest, the feeling is great. I feel that this phenomenon within me is going live long and I would like to see myself blogging for next many years.


Note: Written for Day Three Zero to Hero Challenge

25 thoughts on “Second Life

  1. Wonderful, mou. Our childhood, while no doubt vastly different on the outside, almost seems a lot alike on the inside. Making unusual connections and very much living an entire separate “inner” life.

    I think with your creativity and what you hope to get out of of blogging this is going to be really a fruitful adventure for you. I know I personally love writing on’s strangely addictive, much like twitter, but this being a little more expansive.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you..this zero to hero class looks really cool! Next time I’m joining in…

    Enjoy your weekend, fellow blogger ๐ŸŒท

      1. You’re welcome..happy Easter to you..may you catch a glimpse of that elusive Easter bunny(he’s tricky, that one)..’course I’m guessing you already befriended him a long time ago! Lol. Take care๐Ÿฐ

      2. lol.. don’t blame me, it was for a contest on an Indian site. One was supposed to write about a child one knows and his/her experiences in nature. Since, I was not knowing any such child so, created a fictitious child lol

      3. Hmmm…who is the real mou? LOL. Ps) really liked your last few twitter posts combining orjay and heartsoup prompts. If I tried to combine both it’d probably cause me seizures. Lol. I really struggle writing poetry but I love the challenge. How much more blogging classes do you have left?

      4. Thanks Linty, I combine both so that I can save time in writing another lol Blogging classes would stretch for one month, you can see the assignments on your reader and write the ones that you like.

      5. That makes sense to do..I like the combination..I may try that. There’s some really great writers in our group.

        Yes, I will be checking the assignments out and start writing.,as well as some ideas I have for writings. I’m getting used to the site now via app. And I’m happy I got the pic thingie working..yay!

      6. Yes, some are really good writers that is why I take more time to read than write. I try to learn from whatever interesting my mind can grasp.
        I liked your new theme, I am thinking to put that theme too. My this theme would have looked good if I had appropriate pictures to supplement my posts but, since I don’t have them so, thinking to change it.

      7. That’s what I have been doing. So much can be learned by reading and even contemplating..much to be learned..and I notice that ideas and new ways to write keep coming’s good..lately I have been trying to say more with fewer say a lot with a little, and yet have ppl still understand what I mean. Lol

        This theme grabbed my attention. And it’s free. Lol

      8. That’s really good and I think will help us to improve our writing craft.
        I too noticed that very few free themes have good fonts, I am searching a simple informative theme with good fonts. Your new theme is just like that lol even though, I am checking out a few more themes, if I don’t get any good then I will use your theme ๐Ÿ˜€

      9. Hmm..ok, you can use my theme,but I hold the copyrights to it so I will only charge you a million dollars to use it. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        There are some good free ones and even expensive paid ones..I would never pay for one..

        There’s a book I’m reading now called’s very good..written so beautifully..and great assignments and ideas about writing

      10. I got another simple theme with nice clear fonts, that is suits theme that I activated just now ๐Ÿ˜€
        I’m reading a science fiction right now, I read poems on regular basis by old poets whose books are easily available free of cost on project Gutenberg website. ๐Ÿ™‚

      11. A lady write something about my #fss story I wrote today(the old man) but she write it in spanish..I have no idea what she said! Lol.

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