Swinging Amid Mights

Life goes on, as meant to be driven by forces known-unknown to our illusionary senses. We think of might and we think of might! A might we respect and a might we suspect, we swing in between these two. My strategy in life has always been to co-operate with the power to create a system that is more powerful rather than going against to weaken it, although it might have appeared as the later. I’m like an anonymous ant, working hard over whatever I have got, I might have appeared to fight against the gravity of this world but, in the end I live with the might of this world.

The system that runs our Universe, has maintained harmony at very nook and corners of it. It is too vast, it is too broad, it may create occasional mights but, nothing is above its might that sustains itself. For a moment, we can conceive ourselves pitting against a system but, the fact is that being a part of system we ourselves are a system so, a self fighting self would destroy the self. It would be just like any of our organ fighting against our brain in order to defeat it but, who would be the ultimate loser? Our body or in other words, the whole system.

Fighting is not a solution but, co-operating is definitely a key. Fighting may give us a victory for short-term but, in long term only co-operation would work. Now, the question arises, what if the system itself is bad? To this I would say, a system in its wholeness can neither be good nor bad, certain aspects or organs of it may not be working properly or even harming it, to these we need to co-operate in order to sort them out instead of fighting or creating chaos which could prove destructive for the whole system.

Note: Inspired by the daily prompt



  1. I agree that a system is neither good nor bad. Look at history: so many cultures had a mix of both. I love studying the roman culture. That is a great example of good and bad mixed in.

    I like your point about fighting not being a solution, but co-operation could be a key to real change/victory. Some if the greatest people are people who saw something in a system they didn’t like and they fought to change it. Or rather, I think it could be more accurate to say they weren’t fighting the system for change, they were fighting FOR their cause.

    I think that’s it: when you fight against something it’s the same old war, just somebody’s idea if how things should be, but example, I’ve heard that rather than be against poverty, fight for creating opportunities for all to learn and be self sufficient.

    I think it can be more powerful to be FOR something than against. Against is the same old battle, and so much evil has been done from people who think their system is the right one. Usually the masses suffer for it.

    I love the quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And, “there are no sides on a round planet.”

  2. That’s such a good example and point about one organ being sick and not fighting the whole unit/system/body. It’s like that qiute about on a round planet there are no sides.

    You could say the whole humanity is a system. Fighting against one really is fighting against all. Like the liver fighting against and trying to get rid of the kidneys. Good thoughts, mou.

  3. Good one! Live with the mighty… thing is that we are a mixture of contradictions – good and bad, powerful and slight etc etc and that harmony is what creates a system, both fight and yet learn to live with each other! 😀

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