Night View

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

~Suggested by Krista in Daily Prompt

What we see is not only the sight we see but, also the time frame through which we see. Right now, it is night over here, some cloud flakes are floating in sky but, not enough to hide the moon and its light. I take my eyes just at the back of my home, I can see green grasses which are appearing grey under moonlight, a lime painted one storey house, a few men discussing politics there in their gangster like voices. By the side of lime painted house, there is another house with garden. I can see Banana and Guava trees, in spite of this being a night time, partly because I am aware of their existence at that location and partly because of shadowy shapes formed by the night light. We are having a nice breeze here, leaves are moving, beyond trees stands a big pyramidal Kali temple with a flag on its sikhar or top.

At the back of temple, there is a Hindu crematorium. The crematorium is silent right now but, during day time fuming dead bodies are not rare to see. There is a Banyan tree in the crematorium, some people worship that tree, many folk legends of spirits are connected with Banyan trees and its presence in crematorium could be quite scary in cases where one is a believer but, since I am an agnostic tending more towards atheism so, these things are not scary to me. If I move my vision slightly leftwards from crematorium then I can see an old well partially covered with wild bushes. There was a time when jackals used to howl there and kids would shudder during nights in homes but, these days one cannot listen howling jackals.

Now, I take my vision towards right side, I can see a few cascading asbestos roof tops put on pillars in hut-style, that is the market place which is crowded and quite noisy during the day time. Beyond the market place, further right, main street runs. On the other side of main street, there are rows of small buildings with square shaped doors. On ground floor of those buildings, there are several general stores while on the top of those buildings people reside. Some of the balconies of those buildings are poor imitation of Mughal style balcony, obviously created with cement and mortar. A few shrubs can be seen arising from the walls, layers of algae and washed out paints are also common sight.

After an interval of every few minutes, cars and motor cycles are running, although they make a queue and create nasty interferences during day time. Night sight is full of lull and sounds of infrequent vehicles are quite interesting. Sometimes, when in room, I try to guess the type of vehicle that passes through the main street only by listening to their sounds. All right, I descend to my room as cats are always roaming here during night times, those cats are not pet cat and are known for notorious attacks.

12 thoughts on “Night View

      1. At that time, I was on an open terrace, although the prompt suggested window. Lol.. yes, both Kali temple & Hindu crematorium are visible from that terrace.

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