Bunny and Bunny!!!

Bunny and Bunny are two best friends, Bunny is my neighbour who has a pet rabbit by the same name. The little boy owes a lot to his pet. There is a story behind why Bunny and Bunny are together.

A few months ago, when Bunny lost his first milk tooth then he was terrified. A tooth in his hand with gums oozing blood gave him a big shock, he thought that he would soon lose all his teeth like grandpa. He was in tears, Daddy told him a tale. On moon, there lives a Bunny who crawl down to earth through clouds every night. Daddy showed him a distant place on a ground, the horizon, where sky meets earth, that is the place from where Bunny gets down on earth. Bunny takes care of every child, he would check whether every kid is smiling or not. If a kid smiles and Bunny notices a missing tooth then Bunny endows his own tooth to the kid. What more? Bunny is a kid’s best friend, always asking kids to smile and play games with him, he can’t bear tears of a child. If a kid gets sad then Bunny goes down into the earth through a tunnel made by him called burrow. Daddy asked him to smile so that Bunny could see Bunny’s missing tooth and endow him a new one. Bunny smiled, next morning he could feel hardening on his gums, he checked in mirror, there was something white, his tooth was coming back, Bunny gave him his own tooth. Bunny was excited, that night before sleeping, he wrote a letter to Bunny, thanking him for the tooth and telling him his story of despair in detail but, Bunny didn’t know the address of Bunny from moon so, he wrapped up the letter in a stone and threw it towards moon. Hilariously, the letter fell upon my terrace, I read everything. Next day, I talked to his father and we decided to gift him a Bunny from moon on his birthday.

A portrait of a dwarf rabbit named Butterscotch by Grace Castellano
A portrait of a dwarf rabbit named Butterscotch by Grace Castellano

Every morning, when I go upstairs in my terrace then I could see Bunny playing with Bunny in their verandah. Freshly giggles and robust runs of Bunnies brighten my each day. I still look at that stone and think, technology can give kids the alternatives of entertainment in the form of cartoons, video games etc. But, it cannot replace the special bond that a child shares with mother nature. Deep within we still love and crave for a bonding from nature. Our lifestyles may try to alienate us from our origin in nature but, our hearts can never accept this separation and it would get an excuse or another to bring nature by the side of it through tales, dreams or even in the name of cause, we will always search and find excuses to return to our abode in nature because from deep within ourselves, we know what we really are!

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