Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

~Asked by Krista in Daily Prompt


Everybody has their personal likes and dislikes that in no way mean that those likes or dislikes should be considered universal. A thing or concept disliked by me could be very well liked by someone else so, whatever I am writing in this post are just my personal opinions and those are not universally applicable to everybody as to each his/her own. I loved every subjects of mine in school except two subjects: Civics and Organic Chemistry.

Civics: I disliked Civics because the topics mentioned in it were tasteless, at least to my buds. I disliked remembering things like criteria of becoming supreme court judge or member of parliament. I felt those information to be forced upon myself and I seldom read them by heart. That subject could have meant a lot for students who liked it but, for me it was there just as a course that was compulsory to study in order to pass exams. Another reason for my distaste of this subject was the difference between theory and real life situations. Civics mentioned things in a very idealistic way which is far from reality at least in my country. It was not mentioned in any chapter of Civics that “sweets” mean bribes to local administrative people. It mentioned, you have this right and that right but, on ground seldom a right meant anything as everything is sellable in my country. I may sound pessimist but, I am not really pessimist as I see things in a very objective way. My problem is that why not things like bribes or sellable rights or duties mentioned in the subject at least to little students for whom those information could really be helpful in real life rather than colour tinted idealistic information? Civics is about teaching citizens, the things that can make them a better (a subjective term) citizen. So, can an idealistic citizen be a better citizen in a system full of corruption? I would say no so, the subject could become more interesting if some non-idealistic way of becoming a better citizen would have been mentioned.

Organic Chemistry: I disliked all the structures and big names, I am not fond of big names, although rules in organic chemistry made it easier to remember those gross names, I still disliked them. To me all -ol, -al, -ic, -oic etc. were really uncomfortable to remember. Sorry, I know some people like or have liked this subject very much but, it was cumbersome to my little mind. Apart from this, I had no problem from organic chemistry so, I think if it had no big cumbersome names then I might have liked this subject.

Nothing is perfect in this world, neither I nor the subjects or anything we read so, on my part I have accepted to accept even the things that were/are distasteful to me, by compulsion or consent, it is life and not all things in it are going to be as one wishes, that’s the truth, good or bad.




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