Daily Prompt: I Walk The Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

                   ~Asked by Krista in Daily Prompt


Code I live by? I believe, all of us are born with some genetic codes that dictate how we move forward in our lives. Jokes apart, we are born with some inherent nature that along with our surroundings set our choices and decisions in life. Like us, our codes or set of preferences keep on evolving all through our lives. It is very difficult to find something with certainty when it is on an undefined voyage of a constant change, a change that never ends. I have certain codes or preferences now, which were not in past and perhaps won’t remain so in future, I cannot call my preferences or codes as something that I found now or ever.

Male gatekeeper butterfly (also known as Hedge Brown), photographed in Oxfordshire by Charlesjsharp

Male gatekeeper butterfly (also known as Hedge Brown), photographed in Oxfordshire by Charlesjsharp


Talking about principles, yes, I do have certain principles right now, those are results of my past experiences. I live in present, I seldom have any plan. I live as the day comes and then fall asleep by the end of it. My inspiration is nature, when I see birds, animals and trees around me then I feel myself like one of them. I see pleasure and carelessness on every face of nature. A butterfly is careless even when it is very near to a cob web, a moth finds pleasure in flames. One may argue that they are like that because they lack intelligence like humans. But, my question is: can humans perceive things beyond their senses, the senses that define human knowledge and intelligence are themselves flawed so, how can we label their pleasures as dumbness?

I take people as they are rather than as I want them to be, why? Because I believe, each of us have some merits clinging to our flaws and I try to see both in every living being or even in abstract ideas in least biased way possible for me, although I do agree that I tend to get biased on certain points that seem correct to my logic.

Apart from these two principles, I don’t have any for the moment.



  1. I like this prompt and your answer. I’m much the same…”pleasure and carelessness in nature..” Yes. I think about this sometimes: insects, animals can’t think like us, in one way that is beneficial. They live fully, and who knows what their inner life is? Studies show that even cells show fear so..anyway, getting back to the topic. Lol.

    I agree that codes and principles change and evolve over time..I think it’s almost as if we’re handed heavy coats of principles, beliefs etc. to wear when we come into this world, a coat of beliefs that come from our parents, teachers, etc.

    After a while as I grow I start to see the “falseness” of certain beliefs, not wrongness, but just things I saw didn’t serve me anymore.. So I change and evolve, and most important, I grow, expand. If I had any principle I’d say I live by it’s: get to know yourself, expand in joy and kindness…”do into others..”

    “The butterfly counts not months, but moments and it has time enough.”

    Thank you, mou. I warn you, I can be long winded! Lol

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