Ooho: The Edible Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles, due to their non-biodegradable properties, are tough to dispose of and there by are a big source of environmental pollution. To usher a path for a solution to this problem, designers from Skipping Rocks Lab: Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Pierre Pasalier and Guilaume Couche, have developed an edible blob that could be used to store water.

The blob known as “Ooho” has double gelatinous membrane, made up of brown algae and calcium chloride. Designers say that the Ooho is cheap to make costing only two cents per blob, durable, hygienic and biodegradable. It is simple to make and can be made even in the convenience of home. Water is kept frozen while packaging so that a bigger membrane could be created. Ooho has been awarded at Lexus Design awards 2014.

The only demerit of Ooho is the way one could drink water from it, that demands it to be torn which could be quite convoluted. Ooho could be very helpful in live events where organizers generally tackle with loads of wastes. Edible lunch box known as WikiPearl is already available in the market that is being used to sell yoghurt, ice creams etc. We can hope to see edible water blob, Ooho, soon in the market too.



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